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This list consists of lawyers who are willing to work with online victims on a contingency basis. Since many victims are unable to afford a lawyer or find other legal help, we're hoping this will help more victims fight back.

If you do not see a lawyer for your state or the state of your harasser/stalker, please look at the Additional Law-Related Resources list below. If you know a lawyer who will work with online victims on a contingency basis, please ask them to contact us about being listed here. IF YOU ARE BEING HARASSED ONLINE, DO NOT USE THIS FORM. YOU WILL NOT GET A RESPONSE.

A comprehensive attorney resource can be found at

The presence of an individual or organization on this list does not constitute an endorsement by WHOA.





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Additional Law-Related Resources:

*WHOA does not endorse any of the attorneys listed here. We list them as possible sources for help for those who have been harassed online. We have included the information as provided to us, and are not responsible for any errors or ommissions. As always, get a written contract with any professional with whom you do business. Make sure that you have thoroughly read and understood the contract before signing it.


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