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    University of Maine Orono Law Enforcement Workshop:
  • Good speaker - will use her info as another resource when doing these investigations.
  • She's really good - relevant material - want MORE!
  • Good presentation of technical info in easy to understand form.
    Lt. George Murtie, Essex Police Department, Vermont
  • Your training was great. Everyone I spoke with said you did a great job. It was interesting and we learned a lot. I've already tracked down my junk mail just for practice,
    Eugene Stull, Acting Director, Institute for Law Enforcement Education, Annual National Law Enforcement Conference
  • Your workshop was well received. Comments included being easy to understand, good handouts and reference material, and would have liked more time,
    NECP2 Conference at St. Anselm College, Manchester, NH
  • Great class!
  • Good stuff, a lot of good info, bring it back!
  • Good class size - it made a better atmosphere for speaking up.


    NCC Cybersecurity Conference
  • Great workshop!
  • Jayne was so knowledgable - great safety tips!
  • She is a great fund of information about the Internet - very bright and fun to hear
  • Excellent information and speaking!
  • Great application for child porn cases.
  • Though a lot was over my head, I learned several good pointers!


    Becoming Stalker Savvy Conference at George Mason University
  • "Your presentation was very well received. The attendees from Virginia, Washington, DC and Maryland have overwhelmingly indicated the usefulness of your information," Connie J. Kirkland, SASC, George Mason University.
  • Jayne Hitchcock is a wealth of knowledge! Bring her back for another class!
  • Thanks you - great information!
  • I found the cyberstalking segment the most interesting.
  • Good information regarding protecting yourself online!


    Computers In Libraries (CIL) Conference:
  • Jayne Hitchcock, the third keynote speaker, fascinated the Internet Librarian audience this past November with her story of computerized stalking and cybercrimes. Her book, Net Crimes & Misdemeanors, was published by ITI's CyberAge Books in 2002. Hitchcock's lessons are primarily personal, but the issues are important ones for libraries and librarians as well, Nancy Garman


    Maine In Libraries Conference:
  • The personal tie-ins and case examples were excellent.
  • Clear, organized, the speaker's knowledge was outstanding.
  • Very informative and well-organized; lots of online resources.
  • Dynamic speaker and pertinent info!
  • Citations/examples very well-researched.


    From two one-day hands-on workshops sponsored by the Connecticut State Police in November 2002
  • Gave valuable tools for identifying the bad guys.
  • I'm extrememly computer illiterate. This class helped me find wher to go to get answers to many questions I had and would have in the future.
  • This course helped me to finetune my knowledge of online crimes. I have several cases that needed this info.
  • This workshop definitely helped me. . .practical things that will actually be used.
  • The hands-on portion was very helpful. I now have a better idea of how to assist the public when complaints are brought to the police.
  • I've had a smattering of 'hit-and-run' training on the topics covered today. It was nice to have the lesson delivered in an organized way from start to finish.


    From participants at the NECP2 conference in 2002:
  • It was very good - please add for next year as well!
  • Excellent class.
  • It was worth having the class - very informative.

From participants in the University of Louisville hands-on workshop:

  • "Very interactive, unintimidating presentation style."
  • "This is very relevant info both professionally and personally."
  • "Technologically educations and informative - not nearly as bland as I anticipated."
  • "It contained lots of godd information and kept my attention for the entire class (which is not an easy task)."

"Sharing your expertise on the investigation of stalking and support of victims added greatly to the training and fostered an optimistic atmosphere for the entire day," Connie J. Kirkland, Sexual Assault Services Coordinator, George Mason University, "Catching A Stalker: Hook, Line & Sinker" training

"We greatly appreciate the time and care you gave to your presentation, which was well received, and we look forward to working with you in the future," Tom Reilly, Massachusetts Attorney General, for the MOVA Crime Victims Rights Conference

"Your presentations were informative, interactive and helpful. You were able to answer everyone's questions," from attendee evaluations for the CALCASA Stalking Institute, Jacksonville, Florida

"We have received such positive feedback (to your lecture on 17 April 2001)). Your commitment to ending online harassment and abuse is commendable." Allison Tassey & Paul Almedia, MOVA (Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance)

"Your expertise and commitment in preventing online abuse was a tremendous asset to the training (for the Cyberstalking Workshop). With the rapid pace at which the world of computer crime is evolving, NDAA and APRI rely on prosecutors and professionals currently working against cybercrime to bring a fresh perspective to the trainings. Given the indications from the participant's evaluations, they greatly appreciated your presentation." Newman Flanagan, Executive Director, NDAA (National District Attorneys Association), Columbia, South Carolina

"I just wanted to tell you I really enjoyed your segment. If my department or I can be of assistance, just let me know." Brian Davis, Martinsville, Virginia Police Department, DCJS Summer Institute on Stalking Seminar Attendee.

"I wish to extend my appreciation for your outstanding presentation on Cyberstalking on behalf of all who attended our Chapter meeting at the Portland, Maine Police Department on July 14 (2000). The information was eye-opening, to say the least," Joseph Regalia, C.C.A., NE Chapter President, IALEIA

"This is the best class I've seen in my three years of coming here!" NECP2 attendee

"Great job, most informative seminar yet!" NECP2 attendee

"It was a pleasure to take your class. The information was most valuable for the protection of my business network and for preparing our department to enter the 20th Century!!!! LOL," Frank McKenzie-Lamb, Wayland (MA) Police Department, NECP2 seminar attendee

"Of all the courses that were offered, yours was the most interesting of them all. I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge with us," Officer Raul Mendez, Watertown, Mass. P.D., NECP2 seminar attendee

"I attended the conference at Babson College and thought it was great. I especially enjoyed your segment and would like to send my school resource officer to one of your one-day workshops," Lt. Scott Bushway, Walpole Police Department, ISSA Conference attendee.

"A lot of concrete information - things I can use immediately," George Mason University Stalking attendee.

"Cyberstalking information is so useful to have!" George Mason University Stalking attendee.

"You were great! Everyone was impressed with the program and your presentation," Fred Howell, President HTCIA and conference coordinator.

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