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How to Get Full Headers From Pegasus

To forward a message with headers intact ... with no formatting or re-wrapping of the headers, the best way is to forward that message as an attachment to a new message.

This is done simply by:

(1) create new message and address as normal to whatever reporting agency/agencies such as SEC, SpamCop, etc.

(2) Use drag-and-drop to drag the subject (SPAM) message into the new message.  When you do that, a dialog box pops up giving options:

(3) In the "Drop message(s) into editor" dialog box, check the last check box at bottom of dialog box under heading "Attach or include message?" ... here click "Add as attachment instead of including"

This way the entire message is attached, exactly as received, with no formatting or re-wrapping of headers or message body by Pegasus Mail.

The above is current as of Pegasus Mail version 4.41 and is believed to be accurate for many of the previous versions


In Pegasus, just hit Ctrl-H (or the backspace key) while reading a message. You will see the full headers.
Do this *before* hitting "F" (for Forward), and the full headers will be forwarded, too.
(True for Pegasus 2.53, at least)

Thanks to Sitaram for this information.


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