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How to Get Full Headers From Netscape

Netscape Messenger

To read the email header in Netscape Messenger (the email reader supplied with Netscape communicator) Windows users simply press Ctrl-U (meta-U in unix, ?-U on Macintosh). A new window will open with the full message including the complete header. To copy this to a email message press Ctrl-A to highlight the entire message then Ctrl-C to copy it. Open the email message you want to send. Using the mouse, place the cursor in the body of the message, select edit / paste as quoted, from the menu bar.

Thanks to Ed for this information.

Netscape News

I found a simple way to view the headers of news spam in Netscape. Simply click View-> document source when you're looking at the offending item. The full headers are then visible.

Thanks to Andrew for the following helpful tip.

Netscape Webmail

While viewing the message, click on the yellow triangle to the right of the brief message headers. This will display the full headers along with the message body, which can be cut and pasted into a new message.

To close the full headers and return to brief headers, click the yellow triangle again.

Thanks to the SpamCop FAQ for this information.

Please refer to Netscape Help for further information.

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