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How to Get Full Headers From Microsoft Programs


Select the message in the Inbox.
Go to View: Source.
A new window will contain full headers and message text.
This is the easiest way to copy and paste for reporting.

Alternately, go to Edit:Preferences:Mail and News.
Under the View tab, there is a checkbox for Show Internet Headers.
This option is a bit less useful, as it separates the headers from the body.

Currently, the Preferences window for Entourage 2008 does NOT have "Show Internet Headers." And instead of being under View > Source as it was under Entourage 2004, in Entourage 2008, highlight the message and select the Message menu item. Near the bottom there are two options: "Internet Headers" and "Source."


To read (and copy) the header using Microsoft Exchange, do the following:
Open the message in Exchange to view it. Choose File then Properties then Internet. The header will be visible and will be highlighted. Simply right click and copy it. Then paste on the front of the message and forward it to abuse department or WHOA Internet Safety Advocate (ISA).

In some versions of Exchange, you'll need to go to the File Menu > Properties > Details > Message Source.

Thanks to Doug K. and the SpamCop FAQ for this information.

Internet Explorer

I just stumbled onto a way to attach the full header to a message.
Choose "Properties" under "File". Click on the "Details" tab. This will show the full header.
Now right click and choose "Select All". Right click again and choose "Copy". Start a new message, right click again, and choose "Paste". This will paste the entire header into this new (and temporary) message. Copy the header from the new message and paste it back onto the original. The paste command doesn't work directly on the original message.
This isn't elegant, but it seems to work.

Thanks to Meg for this information.

Internet News

For those people who use Microsoft's Internet News, simply (while viewing the message) click on File, Properties, then click on the Details tab. Copy the information and paste it into a new email, then copy and paste the body of the message below the headers in the new email and send that message to the abuse department or WHOA ISA.

Thanks to Ian for this information.

Outlook 2010

From 'Home' tab: Double-Click email message to open in separate message window.
From 'File' tab: Choose 'Info' then click 'Properties' button.
Headers are displayed in the read-only 'Internet headers' text box at the bottom of the properties dialog.
Click anywhere in the 'Internet headers' text box, and press CTRL-A to select all header info. Then press CTRL-C to copy header info to the Windows clip-board.
CTRL-V to paste header data into a new text file, notepad application, or wherever desired, and print/save for evidence along with copy of original email.

Outlook 2007

View message headers (2 methods)
Right-click the message without opening it, then click "Message Options..." from the drop-down menu.
At the bottom of the box you'll see "Internet headers".
Highlight the contents, then right-click. You can copy the headers and paste them into an email message or another application.

Or (2nd method)

Open a message.
On the Message tab, in the Options group, click the Dialog Box Laucher.
In the Message Options dialog box, the headers appear in the Internet headers box.

It is tricky though. There is a small "arrow" where is says options (to the right), when you mouse over the arrow the dialogue box option appears. Then the header with routing is available in the dialogue box.

Outlook 2002

Right-click the message without opening it, then click "Options" from the drop-down menu.
A box called "Message Options" pops up.
Near the bottom of the box you'll see a text area titled "Internet headers".
Highlight the contents, then right-click. You can copy the headers and paste them into an email message or another application.

Thanks to Paseur for this information.

Outlook 2000

Right click on the message without opening it.
Select Options, then Full Headers.
The information can then be copied and pasted elsewhere for reporting abuse.

Thanks to Tork Buckley for this information.

Outlook 98

Open the message and select View, then Options from the drop-down menus.
Near the bottom of the screen you'll see a section titled INTERNET HEADERS.
You can copy the headers and paste them into an email elsewhere to get them to the proper people.

Thanks to Cynthia Armistead for this information.

Outlook 97

Microsoft Outlook 97 may require an update called the Internet Mail Enhancement Patch in order to display the email headers. After applying the patch, you should be able to view the headers by selecting the message, then going to the File menu and selecting Properties.

Thanks to the SpamCop FAQ for some of this information.

Outlook Express 4 and 5 for Windows

First method:
There's an even easier solution to expanding Microsoft's Outlook Express headers so that you can copy and paste it to another window. You need to be viewing the message in its own window or in a preview pane, then:

  1. Right click on the message and select Properties.
  2. Choose the Details tab and select the Message Source Button.
  3. Select All (CTRL + A) and Copy (CTRL + C).
  4. Close the Message Source window and the Properties window.
  5. Select New Mail and position your cursor in the body of the email.
  6. Paste (CTRL + V) the copied information.
  7. Send the email to the abuse department or WHOA ISA.

Thanks to Andrew Kuebler for this:

Second method:
Here's a tip to simplify the process of getting full headers when using Outlook Express 5 and Windows 98 (don't know about other versions of OE)

Instead of selecting the message, right-clicking properties, clicking details, then message source, simply select the message and press Ctrl-F3. Then press Ctrl-A followed by Ctrl-C. (Ctrl-F3 takes care of all the steps necessary to get to the full header. Ctrl-A selects all the text and Ctrl-C copies it to the clipboard.)

Now start a new message or just forward the original message (which takes less time than opening a new one) to the abuse department or WHOA ISA.

Thanks to Rainbow Joe for this information.

If you have disabled the preview pane (which is a good idea):

Using the keyboard:

  • Highlight the message in the folder
  • Press alt & enter - this will open a message information window
  • Press Ctrl & Tab - this changes to the "Details" tab
  • Press Alt & M - the opens the message source
  • Press Ctrl & A - to select all the text
  • Press Ctrl & C - to copy the selected text to the clipboard
  • Press Alt & F4 - to close the message source window
  • Press the Esc keay - to close the information window
  • Now, open a new message.
  • Address the message to the WHOA ISA who is working with you or to the abuse department to whom you wish to report the message.
  • Move your cursor to the body of the new message.
  • Press Ctrl & V to paste the information from the clipboard to the body of the new message.
  • Send the message.

Thanks to the SpamCop FAQ for some of this information.

Outlook Express 6 for Windows

To find the Internet headers in Microsoft Outlook Express 6:

  1. Select the email and go to: "File"
  2. Select: "Properties"; Choose the "Details" tab
  3. Left click at top of header to highlight; scroll down to end; once highlighted, right click & hit "copy"
  4. Close the "Details" window
  5. Select "New" Mail and using right click "paste" the header info into the body of email
  6. Send the email to the ISP where the SPAM originated

(I like the highlighting method because it can all be done with ONE hand.)
Thanks to Nancy Rogers for this tip.

Outlook Express for Macintosh

Select the email. From the View menu, choose Source. A new window will appear containing the email with full headers. Press command+a to select all, then command+c to copy.

Thanks to the SpamCop FAQ for this information.

Outlook Web Access 2007
Note: This feature is not available for earlier versions of OWA

  • Open relevant email
  • Click on "message details" button (looks like an open envelope with a letter)
  • A pop-up will appear with full message header. You may need to disable your pop-up blocker to see the header information

Thanks to the SpamCop FAQ for this information.

Please refer to Microsoft Product Support Services for further information.





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