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How to Get Full Headers From Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes 4.6 (Win 9x client)

  1. Open the properties box on the message (in the default installation of the Notes Client, it will be the first smart icon on the left, but you can also right-click on the document and choose properties from that menu)
  2. Choose the second tab on the properties box, which is a list of fields and their contents
  3. Scroll down to the field $additionalheaders.
  4. Select the contents of the field and hit Ctrl+C to copy them to your clipboard
  5. Open a new email message, put your cursor in the body of the message, and hit Ctrl+V to paste the headers there
  6. If Notes will not permit you to select the contents of the field, you'll have to manually copy them to a new message - please be very careful in doing so.

Thanks to Cynthia for this information

Lotus Notes 5.x

Export the message as structured text to a file, then copy/paste the entire message. You should get all the received fields with Received: already in place. You'll also get reply-to: and other smtp headers.

Thanks to Bob Kelly for this information

Lotus Notes 5.x (additional info)

  1. Single click on the subject line without opening the document to full screen.
  2. Select "file" (upper left) then select "export"
  3. Name the file
  4. Select "export"
  5. Click on "selected documents"
  6. Select "OK"

The file now exists where you have saved it. You can either open it or attach the file to an email.

To open it you need to select a word processing program (Wordpad is recommended) You can attach the file to an email without opening it yourself.

Lotus Notes 6.x

Lotus Notes Version 6.x You might be able to get header information (of an "open" email) by clicking on
View/Show/Page Source

This will show the entire contents of the message, with of course, the headers at the top of the message.

Also, in Lotus Notes version 4x, 5x, you can click on "Edit/Properties" -
Click on the 2nd tab, and you'll find quite a number of fields.
Lotus Notes breaks up the various header entries into various "received" fields- which are individually selectable, copy and pasteable.
A little cumbersome, but a method that I've had to use for troubleshooting in the past.

Thanks to Ed Cooley for this information

Please note that some versions or installations of Lotus Notes do not comply with internet standards and discard the headers. If that is the case, you should contact your system administrator to see if there are any logs of incoming mail that might assist you. You as the user will not be able to get the headers at all.

Please see for further information.

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