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How to Get Full Headers From America Online

The email files are in an html format. The objective is to save the file in html format. This can be done as follows:

To forward the file to someone else (law enforcement, lawyer, ISP):

Thanks to ARusnak for this information.

Please be aware that AOL only keeps messages in your INBOX for two weeks, unless you save it as NEW or save it in a separate folder in your AOL directory on your computer.

Additionally, a screen name of TOSEMAIL1 has been identified as a source of help for unacceptable email in the AOL system. Just enter tosemail1 in the "send to" screen. If you are outside of the AOL environment, the address is

Please go to keyword HELP on AOL for further information.

AOL Version 9.0

Sent from the Internet (Details)

Click on the DETAILS and a new window opens and it has complete headers:

Thanks to Pamy for this update.


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